jupiter latest images

Jupiter Latest images revealed on JunoCam website

Juno is NASA spacecraft which is currently on scheduled mission to orbit Jupiter that is due in July next year. Out of 12 planned science flyby, Juno has completed its 8 flyby of Jupiter on Tuesday October 24. Juno takes 53 days to orbit Jupiter one time. Citizen scientists have been optimizing the images to create some mind-blowing and spectacular pictures of the giant planet since NASA has uploaded the new image data on its JunoCam website.

jupiter latest images

Juno’s current orbit brings it’s to within 2600 miles (4200 kms) of Jupiter, once every 53 days. Actually the Juno’s plan was to complete 37 flybys in its 20 month mission but due to some technical fault NASA team erred on the side of caution and maintained the safer initial orbit.

what is Juno

The raw Juno image data is being uploaded by NASA so that it can be processed. Traditionally it has been already done by NASA in-house as the image data received from outer space needs cropping, enhancements and reconstruction.

Take close look at gallery of latest Juno images of Jupiter from talented citizen scientists.


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