What are the Different Awning Types? Awning Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy a product to decorate your home or to add a new facility to your house, you should know all the things about that particular product. How it works, what are the different options of its working, what are the different types of the products, and much more۔

The same is the case with the awning. According to Tucson awnings company, it is very important to know about the different types of the awning so that you can buy one that suits your home and the place where you want to install it.

Custom Awnings

So, let’s discuss a few types of awning here so that you can decide which awning to buy for your house or office.

Types by Operation

Awnings can be divided mainly into 4 types with respect to their type of operation. Let’s check how we can operate them depending on their operation type.

Remote Control

This type of awning can be operated completely with a single remote control. You can open it, close it according to your requirement and you can also adjust the angle as well, provided that this option is available in the frame of the awning.


This is the most popular type of awning by its operation. In this type of operation, your awning installation is super easy and you can control it by an electrical switch that is connected to your electric system. You can easily buy it from the phoenix awning company and they will also install it professionally for you.


This is the most advanced type of awnings which has different sensors in it that makes them more useable. These sensors can sense the sun and the wind and operate according to that. On a beautiful sunny day, the sensors in the awning will extend it automatically and you don’t have to extend it yourself.

During a windy season, when there is extra wind, the sensors will sens it and will retract the awning automatically so that the structure won’t get damaged.


In the manual awning, you need to extend and retract the awning yourself. You will get a crack handle that can be used to operate the awning manually. This type of awning is suitable for places where electric supply is not near. There are even more reliable and there is not many much-complicated circuits and structure.

Different Types of Awning

Now let’s talk about the types of awning and so that you can select the type of awning and decide what type of operation you need with it. By most awning companies, awnings are classified into the following same types. So, here we go, but before that, you can check a few more awning options at Qualiblind as well.

Patio Awnings


The Patio awning is the most common type of awning that people know. Mounted with a wall and extended outside over a sitting or smoking area is called a patio awning.

Pergola Awnings


This type of awnings are also wall mounted just like the patio awning. But pergola awning have one extra function that makes them more reliable and long lasting. These awning have one extra support on the front side which makes them more stable.

Freestanding Awnings

Freestanding Awnings

It is very clear from the name that this type of awning don’t require a wall to mount on. These awnings are freestanding awning that can be installed anywhere in the open space. You will have to buy a supporting structural frame that will be used to install the awning. Freestanding awnings will cover a large amount of area and more suitable for lawns, poolsides or restaurants.

You can contact Sedona awning company to buy and install this freestanding awning.

Vertical Awnings

This is most advanced type of awning and can be used separately or with any other type of awning. The  main purpose of this awning is to add some privacy to your space as it extends downwords. With that the vertial awning also used for its basic purpose which is to protect yourself from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

You can buy the vertial awnings with the waterproff awning fabric as well. You can get the perfect angle for shadding by using the vertifcal awning along with the patio awning for your sitting area. If you don’t want to install it with other types of awning, then yo ucan install it separately outside of the window that provides you perfect shadding during the day.

Final words

Now you know the different types of awnings. Most companies divide the awnings in the same types so you won’t face any difficulty while asking for one type from any awning company. You also know how you can operate the awning to extend and to retract.

Now, it will be very easy for your to buy a custom awning for your home or office or even for the restaurant. If you like this guide, don’t forget to share it on your social profiles with your friends and family.

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