DIY Aircraft training Fuselage Tiny House

Based at Brisbane, Australia The Tiny House Guys is a  tiny house manufacturing company which  is Founded by Mr.Rick keel .The company  have  recently-completed a Tiny house that  is Australia’s most unique tiny house created by an airplane fuselage section that was previously used to train cabin crews.

The project came about when the architect saw some retired equipment previously used to train cabin crew operating on the Dash 8 aircraft available for sale at local market. The architect much inspired by this and decided to convert it into a tiny house. It took six weeks to fulfill the task.

The Aero tiny house is constructed on a towable strong steel frame, the interior measures roughly 12 sq m (130 sq ft) which includes a small living area, a drop-down dining table, a sofa bed and offers overhead lockers. The small kitchen provides space for a fridge, cooking area and a sink. The Tiny House Guys included inside a bathroom with toilet and shower.

“Originally it was on a stand set high enough for the door to open to the correct height so during construction of the trailer we ensured the same door height was achieved to allow correct door function,” explains The Tiny House Guys. “We removed the seats to allow for more room but managed to keep the main door and working emergency exit window as well as the main shape. The drop down cabin crew seat also remains with all the signage and stair illumination that was original to the item.”

This aero tiny house is best for weekend tours, well suited to be used as guest house and it is reported that some people have got it full time in even smaller homes.

The Aero Tiny is being electrified by a solar panel array and keeps a   water tank and pump system mounted under the floor. The Aero tiny house is available for sale at AUD 55,000 (US$37,000 approx.).

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