3 Amazing DIY Watch Holder and Organizer Ideas For Men

I have a good collection of watches and I love to wear a different watch every next day. But the problem is that I can’t find my favorite watch of the day when it needed.

The reason behind is that I don’t have any watch organizer or a watch holder. Usually, I throw out the watch in the closet while removing my shirt and tie after coming back from the office or sometimes put in the wooden cosmetic organizer of my wife.

The last day, when I was not able to find my favorite black watch to wear at my friend’s party, I decided to keep my watches arranged and well organized. So, from here I got the idea that I should make a DIY watch holder so that I can keep my watches well organized and can find them easily whenever needed.

Here you can find these 3 amazing DIY watch holder and organizer ideas:

DIY Hanging Watch Holder

When you are not able to find the watch from your closet, then the best solution is to make a DIY hanging watch holder that you can hang along with your closet. If you do so, you can find all your watches in one place and can choose your favorite one from the watch holder.

You can organize your watches on this simple hanging watch holder. It is super easy to make. You don’t need any expensive things to make the hanging watch holder.

Just an empty paper towel roll or toilet paper roll along with some leather or other fabric cloth. A hot glue gun and a leather cord. You can hang 4 to 5 watches on paper towel roll. Just hang it with your closet and arrange all your watches in one place.

Recycling DIY Watch Holder

Another type of watch holder that you can keep on the dressing table or with your TV stand. Again, you need a paper towel roll to make this simple DIY watch holder.

With that, you also need a small plastic bottle like the empty bottle of water or you can also use an empty tube of the toothpaste, the plastic one. Get some glue and tape and join both using glue and the tape.

Then use a gift paper or an old fabric cloth that you can wrap on the paper towel roll. Once done, you can keep your watches on this simple recycled DIY watch holder.

Industrial Watch Holder

If you are a person who loves to keep the unique and innovative items in the room, then this industrial watch holder is especially for you. If you love to wear the Vincero watches then this industrial watch holder is a perfect fit for such watches.

By the way, here you can check the Vincero watches reviews as well to buy a unique and best watch to suit your personality.

You need only a few black steel pipes that can have different lengths. To join the pipes, you also need a few pipe tees. A few 90-degree steel elbows and steel caps are also required.

Now you can make your DIY industrial watch holder just as shown in the picture above.

Here are some more ideas of DIY watch holders:

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