DIY Aloe Mint Body Lotion

Once again, a warm Welcome to all my Smart Readers!! I hope you will be Alright. Every time I bring a lot of plans related to the different category just for the easiness of your people. Today I am going to guide you how you can make aloe mint body lotion at your home with the help of natural products.

This lotion is ideal for a season due to the ‘cooling effect’ of the aloe and mint. It’s particularly awe-inspiring after an extended day on your feet, it will give you complete relief after massaged into your legs and feet. With the hotter temperatures of summer, I favor to use a lightweight moisturizer, and therefore the cooling result is an additional bonus. I hope you will prefer it.

Before I begin I would like to show you all my ingredients which are used in the formula. So, let start once the beeswax has unfrozen into the oil, you’re ready to whisk within the Aloe Vera. As you can see the bowl above let me figure it, the top right bowl is Aloe Vera, the bowl to the left is oil, and the bowl on the underside is grated beeswax.


  1. It’s vital to form certain the beeswax has utterly dissolved into the oil, with no flecks remaining. If it’s not utterly dissolved, the lotion won’t emulsify properly and there’ll be very little gritty items of beeswax within the finished product.

2. The Aloe Vera gel should be kept at normal temperature. If you place it into the new oil/wax mixture straight from the icebox, the mixture may not emulsify, instead, you would possibly end up with clumps.

This mixture can look too thin initially, however, it thickens up as it cools. I favor mixing mine on the lower settings of the liquidizer to form it fluffier. Also, it typically separates because it cools, and the mixing emulsifies higher than whisking. It takes 2 to 4 hours to prepare.

It is the ever-best Body lotion which can keep your body soft and clean for a couple of hours. I hope you would like my idea.

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