Best Main Entrance Wreath DIY Ideas

At this time of year, our Entrance door get lot of use with guest coming and going when we have friends and family gathering and parties at our home. What better way to welcome your guests to your home than having a cheery holiday wreath on your entrance door? There are many ready-made wreathes available in the market but if you like, you can create your own hanging, just some time and effort is required.

diy flower wreath makeover

We have seen many classic ornament wreath, the color, size and breadth may be different but the idea will never go out of style. It is not difficult to do! Simply cover a straw wreath in felt and hot glue ornaments of various sizes in this case. I love the simplicity and style of this decoration piece.

 No doubt ,traditionally ,wreath have circular nature  but if you want, you can try something square, find a square frame and hang jointed ornaments from hook of the frame. Red, white and green scheme looks very beautiful. It is festive and unique.

At the end of year, you have more fabric scrap and don’t know what to do with it. This is an absolutely charming wreath idea. Wrap thin   fabric strips, tape, ribbon or other trim around a basic Styrofoam and decorate this according to your choice and taste.   This country style cheer of wreath makes good use of scraps.

There is something different about yarn balls as holiday decors, which is probably why this wreath is suggested. Yarn of various shades of green color is wrapped around Styrofoam balls and highlighted with shiny red berries. The wreath has a lovely dimension by little changing the sheens of red and the tone of green. This wreath is perfectly welcoming.

If you are looking for simple and unique, you have found it. Gold berry picks may be changed into basic grape wine wreath. It does not get simple and beautiful than this. This wreath surely welcomes us to home. You could add a little color of your choice or leave it.

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