DIY wooden bed with storage

DIY Bed with Storage Space

Struggle with small rooms and too much to store. Sounds familiar? Hang on for some amazing ideas on the DIY bed with built-in storage. Honestly, we are all in love with our beds. Beds are where we end our day. But let’s be practical and admit that they take up a lot of space; leaving us with little or no storage space. Don’t be disheartened though. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to create space.

The good news is there are so many DIY bed designs to look for and choose from. The options are countless. Why not benefit from them? If you have huge dressing boxes, put them together and place the mattress over them. This will convert into a strong sturdy bed with lots of storage space.

Another beautiful DIY wooden bed tutorial to come across is using IKEA cabinets as stairs and creating a higher platform bed. Apart from the cabinets, even the stairs can be used to keep things. Moreover, it would be a fun bed to kids also!

You can change your bed base into bookshelves, by using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Handy books make for a happy reader! One of the rather interesting DIY bed plans is arranging small lights on the headboard to make reading easier. Floating bed is another great option. As there are only two legs, all the space under the bed is free to use.

Another popular conventional DIY bed with built-in storage is the one with simple lifting. Turn the base of bed into two large cabinets covered with a huge ply. You just have to lift the mattress and ply o store things.

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