homemade garage shelves ideas

Genius Garage Storage Ideas

Many of us struggle with the question of how to organize the garage. It’s easier said than done when it comes to our garage and its tools. For those of us, who have a knack for it; really understand how huge the tool collection can grow. However, you don’t always have to invest a lot of money to make it spacious. Accommodating all the tools can be a little tricky. But you can always use some help with our smart space-saving storage ideas!

The kitchen could be a good source of help here. We all have those used cans and jars. They can be put to good use by storing pens, pencils and thin tools like screwdrivers. The knife magnets are a great option to hang the paint brushes to dry.

Look for friends who have discarded wooden furniture. Making the DIY garage storage shelves/cabinets is not only cheap, it is stylish too. Hang these shelves on the wall and make full use of the shelves to store anything. Ropes and all can be hung from the ceiling, to save space.

Even garage needs a regular cleaning. The things used to clean are also supposed to be stored somewhere. With increasing supplies, you might be pushed to think harder about how to organize the garage. Well, here is a simple trick. Grab that utility cart and place your brooms and wipers in this portable cart.

When we work so hard to make our house beautiful, why let the garage be dull? Colorful duct tapes are fun and they are one of the best space-saving storage ideas. Create lanes on the garage floor, for easier and more organized parking.

homemade garage shelves ideas

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DIY garage storage ideas

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