DIY Cork Wine Project

DIY Bottle Cork Project

You probably thought that the cork from bottles are completely useless, and you threw the hundreds of them, but when you see what could you do with the help of them, you will be sorry that you did not save it. DIY bottle cork project will show you what you can do and you weren’t aware of that. If you didn’t keep cork of wine bottles, you may be able to obtain from family and friends. Make a photo of cork by sticking it with a glue and make the desired shape. In the end, you can paint it with the colour or use a several colours to make it look more interesting. You can also create cork accessories, if you cut smaller circles and strung it on chain. Make a wall board and hang your jewelry or you can use it as a planer board in your office. In the kitchen you can even make a great coaster on the kitchen table, working surface or decorate the wall. Various ornaments of cork can adorn your home, such as are lamps, vases or Christmas decorations. For your little children make cork seals, which will occupied their attention for whole day, and you can relax a little orhang out with your friends.

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