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DIY Wall Art Pictures Ideas

If the walls in your home are empty and you don’t know how to decorate room, consider DIY wall art picture ideas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time and you will be delighted with the result of your work. All you need for this art project are several frames, decorative paper, styrofoam and beautiful colorful fabrics. Once you have all the required materials, start implementing your ideas. Make a wall with dearest memories by using photographics of you with family and friends, and that will certainly make you smile every day. If you want to create a kiss picture wall decor, you will need an old frame which can be painted in different colours and the picture you will make by using the white paper which would be covered with different lipstick kisses. People who love fashion can decorate the wall with pictures of their favorite fashion accessories. Artistic souls can devote more time and make wall decor by putting watercolours  on book pages, so they would get a unique piece of art decor.

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