DIY Camping Solar Power System

Solar power is natural, clean, renewable and free (after initial cost) form of energy. Using a sufficient portable solar system allows you to remote locations without sacrificing your electric appliances like fridge, mobile devices, LED lights and more. Furthermore, by using a solar panel you can avoid heavy expenses for alternate power solutions.

120W system linked to a 100Ah battery could supply power to a 12 volt, 50Liter,fridge 24/7 and some camp lights for 6 hours a night for almost 5 days without any other charging. However, taking your battery’s need to keep a certain level of charge and to avoid damage to it, this number would settle at around 4 days off the grid when all is said and done. Here I will discuss how a DIY Solar power system can be set up for camping.

To set up your DIY solar power set up following things will be required

1-120 Watt Solar panel

2-30 amp Charger

3-12 Volt deep cycle (100Ah) battery

5-Inverte 1500 watt

4-100 Amp DC beaker

5-diode block

6-Tools (cable cutter, red electrical tape, screw driver drill and crescent wrench)

How to run set up

Connect Diode block with power cable of Solar panel, this device will protect loss of energy.  Now, you have to connect battery to charger, +ve wire with positive and –ve with negative. Connect power plug of solar panel with charger. Charger displays watts and Amp on its screen, when the charger displays DC current more than 12 volt, any electric appliance that takes 12 volts DC current can be run by connecting your appliance with power charger.

Connect positive wire of inverter with 100 Amp DC breaker and then –ve and +ve wires should be connected with battery. Now you can use electric devices which take AC Current.  This means you can use any household appliance that plugs into a normal power point as coffee machines, mobile charger etc. The size of the inverter you require will depend on the wattage of the appliances you intend to use. You can check on the tag or sticker of an appliance to find out its wattage.

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