Creatively Mounting Solar Panels

11 Ideas for Creatively Mounting Solar Panels to Maximize Solar Energy

The use of solar energy, which is an alternative form of power that is both renewable and clean, is gaining popularity for use in both home and commercial settings. It is absolutely necessary to set up solar panels in the most advantageous places and angles in order to make the most of the potential of solar Continue reading

DIY Installing Solar Panel

DIY Installing Solar Panel Guide

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, and this is not just attributable to the fact that the cost of energy is going up; it is also partially attributable to the fact that solar panel kits are becoming more affordable and more readily available. Do-it-yourself installation of solar panels is a convenient way to cut costs, Continue reading

DIY Camping Solar Power System

Solar power is natural, clean, renewable and free (after initial cost) form of energy. Using a sufficient portable solar system allows you to remote locations without sacrificing your electric appliances like fridge, mobile devices, LED lights and more. Furthermore, by using a solar panel you can avoid heavy expenses for alternate power solutions. 120W system Continue reading