Cool DIY vase decor

DIY Cool Vase Decor Ideas

Beautiful gold leaf vases can decorate your home for any season. Here we have some cool DIY vase décor ideas for your home décor. You’ll need gold leaf, a gold leaf adhesive, a big brush, small glasses or votives and a brush for adhesive.  Paste the glue on glasses where you want the gold leaf to go and let it to dry for few moments.  Now apply the gold leaf, it’s very delicate and will break as soon as you touch it.  Then open your booklet and put the gold leaf on your glass, as you’ll remove the paper gold leaf will be fixed on your glass. Please read the below tutorial for DIY vase décor ideas.

Cool DIY Vase Decor Ideas


Cool DIY vase decor


DIY gold leaf vase decor ideas

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