Tips how to tie a head wrap

DIY Tie a Female Turban

Wearing hat is an old fashion; get the new trend of turban with us.  Turban is a long piece of fabric that is worn on the head.  In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to tie a female turban.  It’s very cool and easy DIY. Choose your own choice lightweight fabric scarf.  First of all fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Line up the center of the fold with the base of your head and cross the ends of the scarf over each other on your forehead.  Make the knot wrapping them on the back.  Now tuck the ends under the knot or into front sections, covering them into the folds.  this was your DIY female turban project.

Tips how to tie a head wrapEasy DIY female Turban

Easy DIY female Turban

DIY Tips Female Turban

Easy DIY Female TurbanDIY how to tie a female head turban

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