DIY Romantic Shirt

DIY Creative T-Shirts Project

Nice weather had just started and it’s time to refresh your closet. It’s expensive to buy new clothes constantly so use DIY creative T-shirts project to make more beautiful your old wardrobe. Make ready colour for the fabric, scissors and some materials if you want to create bow ties or some other decoration for T-shirts. For those who love the hippie style, can make a shirt in the colors of the rainbow, with rubber bands tie shirt, sprinkle colours that you want and each time you get a different design. You can also make Heart T-Shirt, one way is to cut heart with scissors on the back or use glitter to make heart on front of the shirt. Make a happy smile ice cream print on the shirt by using different materials and cut them in right shapes to get funny T-shirt. T-shirts with tassels are very popular, so make one yourself and enjoy your summer combination. Ladies can make a shirt with ties on her back in which will look very modern and sophisticated. Prepare yourself to enjoy in beautiful days of summer.

DIY Romantic Shirt

DIY Grey Romantic Shirt

DIY Shirt Decor

DIY Creatice T-Shirt

DIY Tie T-Shirt

DIY White Shirts

DIY Blue Clouds T-Shirt

DIY Rainbow T-Shirt

DIY Ice cream shirt

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