DIY Wooden Stairs Design

DIY Pallet Stairs Designs

DIY pallet stairs design is a perfect for your home stairs to look more creatively and will give a special appearance to the environment. Prepare all needed materials like wood pallets, ceramic tiles, colorful paint and everything else that you need for this stairs design project. If you decide for the simple look, leave the natural color of pallets or paint them with varnish for wood  vintage and sophisticated look. For funky cool stairs create a product logos with a paint and make the wood look old and rustic. Paint the stairs with different colours, quotes, numbers or book headline, to achieve interesting and funny stairs design with witch your little kids will be delighted. You may even put on pallet stairs blackboard paint where your kids can make their own designs by writing and drawing. You don’t need to use the wooden pallets to create stairs in the house but also in the yard or in the garden. These pallet projects will show you that staircase design can be much more exciting than to have same old plain stairs.

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DIY Wooden Stairs Design

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DIY Wooden Pallet Stairs

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