DIY Owl Shoes

DIY Cute Owl Decorations

Owls are very wise and intelligent animals, and as such they have always attracted people’s attention. If you’re one of the funs of these animals surely you will like DIY cute owl decorations, and you will immediately start making your owl ornaments. Before you begin to make them, prepare all the materials that you will need. You have plenty of options like pillows, paintings, clocks and other decorative items in your home. To make owl pillow, first you need to cut materials in right shapes and sizes, then find some plain pillowcase and using needle and thread sew cut materials on it. You can make small owl key ring, it will be a wonderful gift for your friends if they adore these little creatures. Also you may create a wall owl clock, by using cardboard and different colour crayons, and decorate room of your little children. Renew your old boring T-shirts, blouses and sneakers, so use the markers to paint owl print, and make it more modern and fashionable. For your kids make owl toys and they will spend all day playing. This project could be more fun than work.

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