DIY Pink Girly Bow

DIY Interesting Bow Designs

Bows have become popular since a favorite cartoon character Minnie the Mouse and they are accepted as a real fashion accessory. DIY interesting bow designs will show to you how to use the simplest way to make your bow, and how to decorate your styling with it. Bow ties could lightly decorate all your jewelry and wardrobe because they are easy to fit with every fashion piece. First you need to make one or how many you need, for them you have a few bow ties tutorials , and then begin to combine it with anything you want. You can create bow ties on bracelets, earrings and rings, because they make everything better. Make bow tie on shoulders of the dress and it will give you sophisticated and lady appearance. For summer make big bow ties on the back of your T-shirts and make them bright and feminine, and for the winter make one bow tie on your sweaters. Just remember, don’t wear more than two bow ties accessories, because you want to look cool and chick and not funny.

DIY Pink Girly Bow

DIY Romantic Bow

DIY Colorful Little Bow

DIY Red Dress Bow

DIY Pink Bow

DIY Black&White Bow

DIY Creative Bow

DIY Little Bow

DIY T-Shirt Colorful Bow

DIY Pearls with Bow

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