easy Homemade dining table

DIY Driftwood Dining Table

Having some pallets recycling habit can save a lot for you. So let learn pallet recycling if you are interested to save your money. Keeping in view the importance of pallet upcycling, we’ll share a wonderful pallet recycling project with you. We found some driftwood pallets while visiting the beach so we decided to make a dining table from it.

We gathered other necessary material required for the project like steel nails, bolts and Depoxi majic. Table frame was made by assembling the four pieces of driftwood of same length. Then pallet wooden pieces were fixed to make a table surface. Homemade driftwood has been left colorless as wood has a nice look naturally. Now it’s your own dining table for your kitchen and farmhouse to serve meal to your friends, guests and family members.

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DIY cheap driftwood table

easy Homemade dining table

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