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3 Amazing DIY Flower Vase Ideas For This Holiday Season

Flowers are always great to decorate your home, your living room, or even your work desk. You can use a flower vase to decorate your windows, work desk, office, bedroom, and a lot more things. You can even use fresh flowers in a flower vase and keep that in your bathroom or kitchen for a fresh fragrance.

Though you can buy a flower vase with an option of a lot of different designs and styles from online stores. But, making your own flower vase would be a great activity this holiday season. You can use old and useless items in your home and can transform them into beautiful flower vases.

DIY Flower Vase Ideas

Here, I am going to share some amazing and beautiful DIY flower vase ideas that you can make this holiday season and can save a lot of money. You can use that saved money to buy some beautiful Christmas ornaments for kids.

S0, here we go:

DIY Flower Vase With Tin Cans


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Almost everyone throws out the tin cans as they believe it is a useless thing after finishing their drink. But if you are creative and love DIY activities, you can make a lot of different things from the empty tin cans. These small empty tin cans are best to transform into flower vases that you can keep in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, window, or at your work desk.

You just need to remove the top covering of the empty tin can, wash it thoroughly. Pour some water and put your favorite flowers in your tin can flower vase. You can also use some paint colors to decorate the tin can, or you can use decoration paper to decorate the empty tin can flower vase that will look amazing for sure.

DIY Glass Jar Flower Vase

If you have empty glass jars at your home, you can turn those empty glass jars into flower vases as well. This is the easiest way to make a DIY flower vase. It is easy to wash the glass jars, and normally there is not a sticky thing on the jars that is difficult to remove.

So, you just need to take an empty glass jar and convert that into a beautiful flower vase by using tulips or red roses. You can either decorate the glass jar with paint and brush or you can decorate it with white lace as well.

Since the water will be visible from the glass jar, so you need to change the water after every 3 to 4 days. Otherwise, it will look bad. Moreover, here you can check how to make flowers last longer in a vase? With these hacks, you can keep your flowers fresh in a vase for more than a week.

DIY Flower Vase With Plastic Bottles

plastic bottle flowers vase

All of us have a lot of empty plastic bottles every month. Some are milk bottles, some are soft drinks or soda bottles. Usually, we through out these bottles as there are not recycled. But only a DIYer can think about how many ways are there to use these empty plastic bottles in their creative DIY crafts.

You can easily cut these plastic bottles into different shapes. You can make amazingly beautiful and creative flower vases with these bottles. One can also use some colorful stones in the water to make these DIY plastic bottle vases more beautiful.

If you have 10 to 15 bottles (color doesn’t matter, you can use different colors) then you can transform all those into beautiful flower vases and then you can decorate your outer wall or any wall in your house. If the color of the wall is white, you can use gold yellow, orange, red and purple flowers. Whereas, if the color is dark then you can use some light color flowers in these plastic bottles’ flower vases.

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