5 Best Ideas to Make DIY Kids Toys For Girls and Boys

Kids love to play with the toys as they can imagine their toys to be real-life characters or things. When a kid is playing with a car, he actually believes that he is driving that car. When a little cute girl is setting up her dollhouse, she imagines that doll to be her little sister or her daughter for whom she is setting up that house.

That is the reason that kids love their toys. But you know what can make them happier? They would love to make their own toys rather than buying some ready-made toys from the market. Though some toys can not be made by the kids, but most of the toys they can make themselves.

So, in this post, I am going to list down the 5 best ideas to make DIY kids’ toys at home. So, let’s start with batman without wasting any time.

1. DIY Batman Toy

batman toy

Kids love the movie/cartoon characters batman, superman, and spiderman as well. Spiderman and Batman are the favorite characters of the kids these days. So almost every kid has a collection of batman toys or spiderman toys.

You can make a DIY Batman toy by using any ordinary toy that your kid already has. You can find a lot of cartoon toys with a general characters. To transform that ordinary toy into a batman toy, you need to first prepare its black dress. If you are not good in sewing, then you just need to paint that toy with a full black color, except its face.

Then you need to use a black cloth that you can tie around its neck. Make a yellow bat sketch on the chest with a yellow color pencil or a marker. You can use paper as well to make the sketch of a bat. In the end, you need to take a black cloth to make the typical hat of batman, and your DIY batman toy is ready.

2. DIY Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse Ideas

Boys love to play with cars, guns, tanks, and other such toys, whereas girls like to play with their dolls. A DIY dollhouse is the best thing you can make for your little cute princes. You can make a beautiful dollhouse by using thermal sheets or by using a hard paperboard.

You can make different partitions to make a kitchen, doll bedroom, washroom, and living room. With that, you can make a small bed yourself for the doll’s bedroom and you can keep some small toys as well in the dollhouse.

It is good to use some color packing paper on the walls of every room of the dollhouse to make it more beautiful.

3. DIY Airplane Model

airplane model DIY

Though, it is very difficult to make a DIY airplane model for beginners. But if you are an expert, then you can make a beautiful airplane model for your kids.

Here you can check a step-by-step guide on how to make a handcrafted custom airplane model for your kids.

With a little effort, you can learn to craft a custom airplane model and then you can make one for your kid. It would be the best DIY kids toy if you can make it for the kids.

For more toy ideas, have a peek at these guys.

4. DIY Sponge Boat for Kids

DIY Kids Boat

Image credit: thecrafttrain.com

Boys and girls, both love to play with the boats. So, making a DIY kid’s boat is a great idea. They will love their see floating in a tub full of water. You can use the sponge to make a DIY boat. You just need to cut the kitchen sponge in the shape of a boat. Use an ice cream stick to make the sail.

Kids can create air pressure on the sails by using straws and in this way, they can start a race as well. You can check a lot more tutorials at the original site.

5. DIY Flying Fairy Car

DIY Flying Fairy Car

Image credit: thecrafttrain.com

For little kids, driving a car is a dream. They can’t sit on the driving seat and drive it, but they can make themselves a car. In this picture, you can see a cute little girl turned herself into a car and she is driving that as well.

Just take a big paperboard box that could be an empty carton. Paint it from all four sides and remove its top and bottom coverings. Now you need to attach some thermopol colorful plates to make the tires of the car. Your DIY flying fair car is ready to play with.

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