DIY Hand Washing Station Plans

Hand washing is very important habit, before and after meals, after you ease yourself, at outdoors and so on. Now a days, when COVID-19 has spread globally which has taken thousands of lives, hand washing has become a great concern for us. Here are some ideas to make hand washing station for outdoor use by yourself.


1-DIY Plastic Container Washing Station

An empty  plastic container is suitable to create a hand washing station .Just install a tap in its lid. Accessories include Paper towel with plastic holder, bungee cords 2 no’s to hold towel holder, soap cake or liquid soap dispenser, a bucket to catch used water and a wooden /plastic stool to place container.Follow the image shown below to proceed.


2- DIY Water Cooler Washing Station

A plastic water cooler is a ready made hand washing station. Just avail some accessories as shown in the image below  which  include Paper towel , soap cake or liquid soap dispenser a bucket to catch used water and a wooden /plastic stool to place plastic water cooler.Two or three plastic holders will be required to hold paper towel and other utilities with cooler.



3-Glass Jar Hand Washing Station DIY

Duel  empty glass jars may also be used to make an outdoor hand washing station.A wooden plank has been used to hold glass jars, soap dispenser and paper towel.However, water tubs are utilized to catch used water which is discharged through plastic pipes.

4-Plastic Gallon Hand Washing Station

Take an empty plastic bottle as per image shown below, other utilities include ripped tights (one leg to hold soap cake inside), a twine to bind tights with a tree, a stool to place plastic gallon  and a golf tee.

Make a hole at bottom of gallon, fix golf tee inside and use as shown in the image below.

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