DIY Herbal Skin Care Recipe-Aloe Vera Face Wash

In this article, we will be making a DIY herbal face wash made with aloe vera gel. This is a great product and it is a solution to many problems. It is quite cheap and easy to make at home. It has a great shelf life as well.


DIY Aloe Vera Face Wash

Items Needed

A clean spray bottle

Some aloe vera gel

Fenugreek seed


Aloe vera gel is very hydrating and soothing for the skin. It is great for minor cuts, burns, and reducing pimple scars as well as reducing pimples themselves. Fenugreek seeds have a great hydrating and repairing property and they are also rich in antioxidants. Fenugreek is great for skin especially for dry and damaged skin. Both oily and dry skin people can use it.

How to Make DIY Herbal Face Wash Made With Aloe Vera

Pour the aloe vera gel directly from the tube to the bottle. There are no specific measurements it’s just that the aloe vera gel should cover a little bit less than the half of the bottle so there is some space available for mixing.

Use the water from the fenugreek seed soaked overnight in it

Strain the water with the help of a strainer

Pour the water in the aloe vera gel

Make sure the water and the aloe vera gel are equal in amounts. The water should fill the rest half of the bottle leaving a little bit space for mixing

Now close the lid and shake the bottle reversing in different directions so that the gel and the water mix very well

Keep doing it for 2-3 minutes so that the mixture can mix thoroughly and there are no separate ingredients

Keep shaking until you get the desired consistency or until the mixtures mix well.

Now your DIY herbal face wash made with aloe vera is ready.


You can also use the spray as a facial mist or a toner. Spray it after washing your face and you will have a nice glowing and hydrated skin. It will also help in reducing acne mark. This spray can also be used over minor scars and rashes to cure irritations. This mist can also be used as an after makeup spray for a dewy and glowy look and also it will prevent your makeup from kicking. We can also use this spray for hydrating the dry ends of our hair. Just spray the mist, even it out and you are good to go.

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