5 things to consider before kitchen renovation

5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

5 things to consider before kitchen renovation

If you have a budget to renovate only one room of your home, then most of the people would select to remodel their kitchen. Like others, you also have an idea of your dream kitchen where you can get together with family at least twice a day. But when it comes to renovation majority of people like you don’t have any idea where to start from.

We have many articles here on DIY kitchen renovation projects, but there are a few things that you shouldn’t DIY. For major remodeling and renovation work, you should hire a professional contractor to make things easy for you.

If you have decided to renovate and remodel your kitchen then these are the 5 things that you should consider before hiring a professional.

Consider Your Budget

We can say that Kitchen is a place of your house which is most expensive when you consider a complete kitchen remodeling. You need plumbers, cabinet makers, and electricians to work together and they have to install so many things with perfection in a small place.

According to many contractors, you should invest about 10 percent of your total home’s value in your kitchen to make it a dream kitchen. If you consider the kitchen cabinets alone, it requires a huge budget which can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the size of your kitchen and the cabinet styles and quality you want.

Kitchen Budget

So, it is very important to look at your budget before you consider the kitchen renovation so that you can spend the money on the right things.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Look at your lifestyle before starting a kitchen remodeling project. Ask yourself what lifestyle you want to choose and what would be suitable kitchen remodeling according to the needs of your lifestyle?

Do you want to entertain a lot of guests in your kitchen? Or do you want to have natural light in your kitchen? Do you want to dine in or do you have a separate room for that? These are the things that you should know before you start renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen Lifestyle idea

Kitchen Lifestyle Ideas

Kitchen Lifestyle

If you do a lot of BBQ parties with your friends, then you should also consider having outdoor kitchen cabinets to keep the smoke and the smell out of your home.

Interior Designer

Though you are going to hire a professional contractor for a kitchen renovation, but don’t ignore the importance of a professional interior designer. A professional interior designer can help you in changing the layout of your kitchen completely which will give it a brand new look.


He can also show you a bigger picture and can arrange your kitchen appliances in such a place that you could never think about. So while you consider hiring a kitchen renovations Vancouver, don’t ignore the interior designer who can guide the kitchen contractors in remodeling a dream kitchen for you.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Consider Your Appliances

While remodeling your kitchen, if you don’t consider what appliances are going to be placed over there, you might be in trouble and after the renovation, you might feel difficult to find the right sized appliances.

The best thing you can do is to consider what appliances you are going to buy and tell your kitchen renovation contractor that you are going to keep these appliances in these specific locations. Also, tell them the specifications i.e measurements of your kitchen appliances so that they can do their work and can make your kitchen appliances look built in.

Check these Samsung Smart Kitchen Ideas with built-in appliances.

kitchen built in appliances



Consider the Timeframe

Before you start renovating your kitchen, you should have a timeframe to complete this project. If you communicate effectively with your kitchen contractor about the time you have then the contractor will make it sure to plan the renovation project accordingly.

If you have an upcoming event you should know about that and should try to complete all the renovation work at least a week earlier than that event. You should be realistic and should expect a few more days to complete the project as per your expectations.


If you consider these 5 things before starting your kitchen renovation project, you will be able to get your dream kitchen. But if you ignore these things, you can end up with a kitchen that is a brand new but not the one that you wanted to be.

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