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Useful DIY Painting Hacks For Beginners to Get A Pro Look

Painting is not an easy job. It could be a messy job if you are not a professional and especially the DIYer should be very careful while painting. If you need to start a full residential painting project, then look for professional painters instead of doing it yourself. You should only do this yourself when you have the skills and required tools.

Here in this article, I am going to provide a few useful DIY painting tips that can help beginners to get a pro look. These easy painting hacks will also help in controlling the mess. But again, only try this for simple projects, for a complete home or residential painting project, look for the experts.

1. Look for the Latest Paint Trends

If you want to get a fresh and professional look that looks good, then you should know what are the latest paint trends. What colors are widely used these days and what color will suit your walls depending on the interior of the room?

These are very basic things that you should take care of. You can visit different blogs or can view YouTube videos to get some information about the latest paint trends.

2. Use Fabric Softener for Brushes

Almost every beginner faces the issue of a day-old brush that has stiff bristles. You can’t use such a brush for the second round and to avoid this situation, you need to keep your paintbrush soft.

For this, you have to prepare a mixture of half cup of fabric softener and one gallon of warm water. When you have this mixture ready, wash all the paintbrushes with water without using soap or any other chemical.

After that, put the paintbrushes into the mixture that you prepared by using the fabric softener. Swish all brushes for 10 to 15 seconds in the mixture and then hang them with a peg or simply lay flat. On your next use, don’t forget to rinse the brushes again. In this way, you will be able to use the same brushes to get the pro look.

3. Use Vanilla Extra to Reduce Paint Odor

Obviously, you don’t like the bad odor of the paint in your room. To avoid this, it is a good technique to add vanilla extract to the paint. Per gallon of paint, you need to add two drops of vanilla extract. It will help to remove the bad paint odor and your room will have a fresh and sweet smell in your room for weeks.

You can also get specially designed vanilla-scented products to use with paints. But if you want to save money, then using vanilla extract can provide the same result.

If you are using lighter colors, then vanilla extract can ruin the paint color. So in that case, add a few drops of lemon extract instead of the vanilla extract.

4. Use Old T-Shirts as Rags

Using paper towels or plain cotton towels during the paintwork is not a good idea because it is no economical and moreover, it’s not environment friendly as well.

If you have old t-shirts that you no longer use, then you can repurpose these old t-shirts as rags and you can reduce the waste. If you keep these DIY old t-shirt rags in your pockets, then you can keep your brush and surround clean. You will save money as well with this easy paint hack.

5. Use Hair Dryer on Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is really helpful in your painting job as you can make a lot of different designs and can protect areas that you don’t want to paint. But when you need to remove the painter’s tape, it might be difficult sometimes and can even ruin that area as well.

So in that case, you need to use the hairdryer on painter’s tape. When you use the hairdryer on painter’s tape it will help you to remove the painter tape easily without any problem.

So, these were the few tips that can help you in using your paintbrush more professionally and can get the pro look without spending more money.

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