how to make a pallet bed with side lamp

DIY Pallet Bed with Side Lights

If you like innovative pallet ideas and can make pallet furniture, then let’s make a pallet bed with light. There are so many ideas to make so many furniture items from old wooden pallets. However pallets may look old and ugly, but you give them wonderful look through sanding and staining process using instruments. A bed is very dire need of every home as we can enjoy  healthy sleep on a comfortable bed. You can buy bed from market but you’ve to pay reasonable amount. Here we have innovative DIY ideas for you. I mean, if you have some DIY tips then you can make a bed out of pallets. Its cost is very less and you can customize the bed as per your requirements. Let’s discuss how to make pallet bed. A pallet bed project is simple and easy to do. You have to gather some wooden pallets to start a pallet bed project. First of all start the sanding and staining process to give a wonderful look to old and ugly pallets. Then join the two wooden pallet horizontally to make pallet bed frame. Make it so strong that it can carry some weight. Now place the mattress on it and make your bed on it and enjoy the comfortable pallet bed. You can create storage space under the pallet bed by making and installing wooden drawers and cabinets. A wonderful idea and alternate to table lamp. You can fix the side light lamp with pallet bed. Drill and make a space to fix the screw so that you can attach a lamp with the bed.     

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how to make a pallet bed with side lamp

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