DIY pallet light fixture

DIY Pallet Hanging Lamp

A lamp is very dire need of every home and has its own importance in home decor. You can purchase it from market but you have to pay some dollars. If you’ve DIY creative ideas then you can make it at home without spending money. Let’s discuss how to make a pallet hanging lamp. Pallets are easily available at home. If you found pallets easily then there is no need to tell you how transform pallets into wonderful items for home. Make a pallet stand by joining few pieces of pallet wood hang it on the wall in your living room. Now fix bulb with electric holder and attach the electric wire for electricity supply. To give a rustic look to your pallet lamp, apply color however wooden pallets have a wonderful look itself. A pallet lamp project is quite simple and easy to do. It involves short items required to complete the easy DIY project.

DIY pallet light fixture

lamp made from pallet lamp

DIY pallet furniture plans

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