how to make laptop standing desk

DIY Standing Laptop Desk

Buying standing desk may be a good plan but why cause a big hole in your pocket, when you can already use our amazing DIY standing laptop desk ideas. Have that bookshelf? Use the upper portion as your office desk, without giving up more space. You can even use a stack of books; it might be less stable though. Another smart way to make standing laptop desk is double-decker desk.

All you have to do is place another small table on your coffee table of same dimensions. This method is very efficient and stable. Place two shelves apart from each other and rest a table or another shelf horizontally on them, to conquer your standing laptop desk plans. If you have some leftover plywood, give it a shape in form of corner long standing desk. They are cheap, easy to build and portable. A wooden plank can simply be fit to the wall using brackets, to give it sturdiness. The best part about

DIY standing laptop desk ideas is that you can customize the table according to your needs. When you have too much to store, use the space under the table top to build multiple drawers and give your room an organized look. Sitting for a long time harms our spine. At the same time, standing continuously may hurt our feet, regardless of whatever alternatives we choose from to make standing laptop desk. Save your feet by placing a cushion on the floor and stand on it. The treadmill can be a great option too. The top of the treadmill has enough space to accommodate your computer system. Freedom to work while working out makes it one of the smartest standing laptop desk plans.

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