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Best DIY Hair Mask Ideas

Struggling with bad hair and no time for the salon? Allow us to take care of that with some nourishing and easy homemade hair mask picks. These masks can be made with minimum ingredients that are already available in your kitchen. Whip up an equal amount of coconut oil and honey. Heat it a bit and apply for 20 minutes and then wash. For frizzy dull hair, use egg, olive oil, rich coconut milk and some lemon juice for this amazing hair mask made at home. Bananas are not only delicious; they are great shine boosters for hair too. Mash a banana, and blend it with aloe vera and coconut oil. Keep it for 15 minutes on hair and rinse it for some shiny hair. Throw some apple cider vinegar, yogurt, and lemon juice together, mix well and apply. This is one of the best DIY hair masks for deep cleaning. Our hair is made of protein and yogurt is a rich source of that. Apart from including it in your diet, take a generous amount of yogurt and stir some honey into it. Pamper your hair with this easy homemade hair mask. If you are looking for something to repair your damaged hair, all you need is a mixture of castor oil, aloe vera and some vitamin E capsules. This pack will help the hair grow faster and reduce hair fall. You don’t always have to depend on a costly hair salon for a beauty treatment. Try out with some papaya puree and honey concoction and let your dry hair gulp this incredible hair mask made at home for 45 minutes. Thank us later for your gorgeous, bouncy hair!

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homemade hair mask

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