DIY Study Space for your Kids-How to create Study Space

This is the perfect holiday season to enjoy your life as a kid or as an adult. But, don’t forget that you have to go back to school after the holidays. So it is very important to make a study schedule. When you have a schedule, you also deserve a good study table or study space.

If you buy a study table online, or from your nearest local store, it will cost you around $100 to $300. It depends on the quality and space it provides you to study.

But if you like to make things on your own, then you can make a DIY study space with the lowest possible price. If you are a DIYer, then you must have the required tools. You only need to find some space and some material which can be used to make your own DIY study table.

Here I will guide you how can you make your own study space at the lowest possible price.

Create A DIY Closet Study Space

Usually, a study table doesn’t get a lot of space and it doesn’t need to be so expensive if you are doing it yourself. With a few pieces of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and L-Brackets, you can make your own study space in the closet which can be repurposed. If you don’t have good use of your closet and you don’t have anything to put there, then it is best to transform your closet to creative DIY study space.


You can add additional storage space to keep the office supplies by using pegboards to the closet doors. Here you can find how to make your DIY closet study space.

Build A Loft Bed Study Area

Having a loft bed is a dream for many schools going kids. This is also a great idea to utilize your room’s space. While you can have a playing area under the loft bed, you can also utilize that space as a study space. You can create a small study table along with a chair that will look beautiful.

Create Study Area on Windows Wall

If you have a wall in the kid’s room which has a window in it and it covers the entire width, you can convert that wall into a beautiful study space that will also have the window to enjoy the outer view.

You only need to reduce the size of the window. On both the sides of your window, you can create draws to keep important things or you can create different bookshelves and shelf for keeping some toys or gadgets as well.

In front of the window, you can create a study table and can have a small chair for kids to study.

These were the few ideas that can help you creating DIY study space or study table. Use the comment section below to give your opinion. Which of the idea you can adapt for your kid’s study space? You can also your own ideas with us.

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