Tour the S1 Smart Lock Home Security- The Best Smart Lock

YEEUU is a product designers with years of experience in the smart home manufacturing industry and work with reliable partners for production and shipping. They have created a smart door lock called S1 which comprises simple, sustainable and practical design .The S 1 smart lock packs eight different unlocking methods and it can be installed into most existing locks. This product is a one step forward to make homes secure, smart and convenient.

The front of this lock keeps a touchscreen to type a password. Everyone who lives in house can set a different password, you can set a special temporary password for guests and visitors which expires after five minutes. Other temporary passwords can be set to work only during specific time. If a cleaner comes every Saturday at 9 am, his password can be set accordingly.

You can open the lock through your thumb impression, a fast fingerprint sensor is located on the top of the lock which can save 50 different finger prints.


The lock is openable through mobile phone app Yeeuu which works in collaboration with WI-FI or Bluetooth system. User can see the app and control the lock from everywhere. It also keeps a record of all ins and outs. The usual security measures are added too. If a false fingerprint or password is detected, the door will lock for 15 minutes and an alert will be sent to the app.

The S1 also offers three NFC points/pin that can be utilized to open it. If someone arrives while you are inside the house, you can send a message to Alexa or the Google Assistant to unlock the door. Another features include a voice command or using a traditional mechanical key to open the door.

The S1 gets power from three triple-A batteries which lasts for one year. The key option makes sure you can still get in if the battery does fail.

Through Indiegogo, Yeeuu Tech is currently funding the S1 Smart Lock and they have almost achieved the target. To get the basic model of the product, you have to pledges $99 which is excluding fingerprint scanning and $129 for the deluxe model. For more watch below video.


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