DIY Sweet Potato Party

Having an outdoor food party has its own pleasure. Did you ever enjoy an outdoor food party in a farm house? As I’m going to share with a wonderful outdoor food party. As I can yet remember those leisure moments with my friends.  Its winter here and I can yet memorize some past memories when we often enjoy a food party in our friend’s farm house.

Outdoor food party

My friend farm house is located near our farm house. They cultivate sweet potato every year. Whenever we feel hunger in afternoon, we had a get together and enjoyed a wonderful sweet potato party.


Getting fresh Sweet Potato from Farm House

It’s really nice to get fresh sweet potato from a farm house. We got it just by digging few sweet potato plants and then get it washed.

how to cook sweet potato

 Putting the fresh Potato in fire Pit

After getting sweet potato washed, it is put in free open fire pit. Check it time to time if it is completely cooked. When it is completely cooked, remove peels and then make many pieces of roasted sweet potato. Use a pepper and salt mixture to make it tastier. Have a great out potato party.



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