4 Easy DIY Sewing Project To Save Money


If you wanted to have a fresh look for your home every few months, the best option is to change your textiles. There is no need to spend a lot of money on those crafts which you can do yourself. Just get a good sewing machine and whip up your favorite home crafts and save your money. Also you can visit Digitizing Made Easy for more information on embroidery.

Here are a few DIY sewing crafts that can save some money and can give a new look to your home.

DIY Pinata Pillow

You should have Pinata Pillows at home, especially for a party room. These pillows could be your best DIY sewing project as it is super easy and need only a few tools. Here are some tools required:


  • Felt (Different Colors)
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue
  • Stuffing


  • To make the base of your pillow, get the felt pieces and cut two squares of the same size.
  • For Pinata fringe, cut the strips of the felt of your favorite colors horizontally.
  • Cut each strip to create fringe and stop at the middle.
  • Use hot glue to arrange the layers of the fringe on the square base and make it sure that each color is clearly visible.
  • You can repeat this procedure for the other side as well, but that is only optional.
  • Now when you have covered the whole base with the fringe, use a sewing machine to sew the top of the fringe.
  • Once you have done that, now you have to sew the sides of your pillow.
  • Now using stuffing, you have to fill the pillow.
  • Again sew the pillow, but this time from the bottom and its done.


Check a few more ideas of different pillows that you can create yourself.

DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows

DIY Embroidered Curtains

Do you feel it difficult to find the perfect curtains for your windows that fall within your budget? If this is the case, then you should make your own DIY embroidered curtains. You just need a good embroidery machine and some skills to use that machine.

Just like other curtains, you have to take the proper measurements where the curtains to be used. While taking the measurements, note down a few inches more on your notebooks because some part of the curtains will be folded while sewing.

If you use a simple sewing machine, then you have to draw the patterns on the curtains, while if you use a good and automatic embroidery machine then you just need to know how to use that.

DIY Diaper Changing Pad Cover

Being a mom, you should have a diaper changing pad as you can’t afford to change the diapers of your baby again and again on your bed. For a changing pad, you should have a pad cover as well that looks beautiful and clean. It is good if you have a backup as well and have to diaper changing pad covers.


Anyhow, this is another easy to do DIY sewing project which can be done by using any sewing machine like SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine. Though you might think that it could be a painful project same as I was thinking before. But believe me, it is super easy and you will enjoy creating a DIY diaper changing pad cover.

Here is a complete guide by Little Red Window on how you can sew a cover for changing pad.

DIY Fabric Plant Pots

We have shared a lot of DIY planter ideas with our readers over years. But today, we brought something special that we never shared before. These are DIY fabric plant pots that you can easily make yourself by using a sewing machine.


For fabric plant pots, you need to get two different types of fabric. The material which will be used for exterior should be leather and the interior should be any type of fabric which is water resistant or rain resistant. Then you should have a good sewing machine as well that can be used on leather.

Now, you have to decide what will be the size of your fabric pot that you are going to use as a planter. Choose this side carefully by keeping in mind which flower will be planted in that pot.

Take proper measurements, cut the fabric accordingly and then use the sewing machine to create your own DIY fabric plant pot.



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