DIY Pallet Project Bathroom

DIY Unique Pallet Bathroom Project

If you are looking for a rustic style of your bathroom you can find everything you need in DIY unique pallet bathroom project. For this project get your tool box, pallets and paint colour, if you want to achieve different look of your design. Pallet are easy to find, just go to the nearest store and you will purchase wooden pallets for very little sum of money, and save a lot. With pallets you can make bathroom shelves where you can put towels, cosmetics and your favorite perfumes. You can also make a wood framework for the sink or you can put the pallet one on another and stick it with glue and nails, to get the surface to which you will attach the sink. Make a floor shelf with for of a ladder, and paint it with white colour, so you product very elegant and vintage appearance of shelf. If you are a big fan of pallets you can make bathroom pallet wall, so you will cut the planks in desired shape, stick it with strong glue. Explore your options before you start changing your bathroom.

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