DIY Useful Pens Storage

You have overmuch pens and markers in your home, and they are making a big mess so you can’t find the one you want when you need it, than devote your attention to DIY useful pens storage. Many options are available, because a lot of material you can use for this storage project. To sort pens and makers you can use different materials, which depends of what do you already have at your home or you can get. For natural wood storage use a drill to make holes on a wooden surface. Using the cans you can make interesting desk organizer and paint it with some colours. Also for this idea use the pipes, cut then to make desired size and stick them with glue. Pockets of jeans can become storage for pens, plastic bottles and book papers. Make a pink storage with several cardboard compartments and dye with pink or other bright optimistic colour. With this fantastic ideas you will work more effective and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

DIY Pencil Storage


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