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DIY Useful Phone Holders

You can always buy a new phone holder in store, but way spending money on that when you can make outstanding stand for your phone alone in your house. DIY phone holder will enable you to find appropriate inspiration for your phone project. Save your budget and use some materials that you already have at your home, that don’t have any purpose and take up free space. That useful phone stand can be made of wood, paper roles, books, plastic bath bottle, fabrics and so many other things that you can get very easy.

If you’re bored with old holder, it’s perfect chance to recycle toilet paper roles that you certainly have in your bathroom. This homemade colorful phone holder is very easy to make. First you need to cut the paper role in the middle and that hole must correspond to the size of the phone that you will put there. Then use different washi tapes to decorate plain paper roll or some colorful fabrics. The result of your work will be unique and stylish ornament that will also have very important purpose.

For some modern look of phone stand, you may use little wood parts or plastic that protects cassettes. Very cheap DIY phone project is to cut lotion bottle and to make holder which you can hang on electrical outlet while you are charging your phone. When you create wanted shape you can cover the plastic with some fabrics and your amazing product is ready for use. You can also make envelope cell case or cute little pallet chair for your phone. This idea will help you to always know where did you put your phone.

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