Recycled Pallet Closet Project

Do It Yourself Storage Cabins/Racks

If you have a lots of clothes and shoes then DIY pallet closet will be very useful project for you. To avoid looking for clothes and shoes when you’re in hurry and you’re late to a business meeting or party celebration, the best choice is to make a pallet cloths organizer. Everything will look transparent and neat so you won’t waste your time in searching things.

For this homemade wood cabin storage you will need to prepare recycled pallets, saw to make appropriate size and shape of pallet plank, hammer and nails, and some paint if you don’t want to leave pallets natural wood appearance. You can find lots of inspiring ideas from which you can choose the right option that will fit into the space of your home.

First you have to make scheme of the project that will help you to know how many shelves will have your closet, so you can cut the pallet planks. Then start to line up one by one board and connect them by using nails with a hammer. Depending on how many pieces of wardrobe you have, you can make smaller or bigger recycle pallet cloth cabinet.

Create wood and pipe wardrobe racks, just find some old metal pipes and use then to make elbow where you will put hangers. In kids room you can make whole wall covered with pallets and paint it with few bright colours to look cool. But the simplest way to organize and pack cloth, shoes, hats and jewelry is to attach few pallets and put hangers on it. We hope you like this DIY creative cloth cabin project, that you will enjoy and have fun doing it and at the same time make something really wonderful.

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