DUY Flowers Jar

DIY Creative Jar Design

Have you ever imagine that you can use old jars to beautify your home or make present to your boyfriend or family. Here you can see few examples which can help you to do this most easily. If you like flowers, but you don’t like ordinary flower pots, you can just plant them in a small jar and leave it in a transparent and if you’re a fan of artificial flowers, you can paint the pots with bright colors, decorate with sparcles or draw what you want if you are a great artist, but if you’re not, there is a solution, you can always stick interesting images of beautiful cities, nature or your own memories. Old jars can be used for saving money for distant countries, beautiful trips or new gadgets. If you don’t know where to put your jewelry in your bedroom, toothbrushes in the bathroom or spices in your kitchen, jars can be very useful. Repaint them, be creative and everything is ready. If you don’t know what to give to your loved one for Valentine’s Day, and you want to be unique, cut the little hearts, color them, add a lot of your memories, tinsel and little things that are dear to you, and your Valentine will be thrilled! Also you can puncture the jars, put a tube and enjoy your favorite juices or smoothies. Be unique, DIY Creative Jar  and have fun!

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