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DIY Wonderful Stone Decor Ideas

There are so many stunning ideas that you can achieve all alone at your lovely home, because they are so easy to realize. One of those creative ideas is to make DIY gorgeous stone project for indoor or outdoor. All you need for this project is to prepare different sizes and colours of rocks and your homemade stone craft can begin.

So many options are possible to accomplish in your house, like frame and candle decoration, stone path in garden, doormat, wall ornaments, to create rock fence and stand for table in the yard. To make exterior yard rock path use recycled pallets. Cut pallets to create same size and shape planks and arrange them on ground to get squares. Then fill the center of empty space with rocks and you path is ready.

To make DIY easy stone doormat, just use cork base and with a help of hot glue stick rocks on cork and you will have amazing rock decor in front of your house. You may also get modern pallet stone table in living room if you attach little white or grey rocks in space between pallets. Use stones to decorate mirror frame or fill the jars with candles and flowers to make rustic ornament items.

For unique window rock decoration use aluminum wire that can be easily bended and shaped, put rocks and wind around them with wire. Kids will be thrilled if you make home wall stone birds in their room and also little foot decor. This project is so interesting that you will enjoy and have fun more than it will seem that you are working.

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