Chess Pallet Table

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

If you want to have recycled pallet table designs in your home or department, this will be a perfect project for you. Everything you need to prepare for this assignment are wooden pallets different tools like saw which will help you to make wanted size, nails and hammer. Popularity of pallets using is increasing more and more with every day, because people realized that they can create various forms of home unique wood furniture.

You can make DIY pallet coffee table for your living room, yard or homemade cool pallet table for man cave. The procedure is simple, first you have to cut the pallets with the saw. Depending on the size of the table you can sort a few pallets, one to another, and attach them with nails so you will get stable platform desk. Put the movable dots on table structure if you want to have flexible table which you can move all around the house or garden. On the end choose if you want to put the glass plate on it and to give modern look to your amazing pallet table project.

But you don’t have to make a table which will be only use for decoration and drinking coffee, when you can create chess wood table very easy. Paint the table with white colour and the spots for figures in black colour. That will be funny entertainment when you have free time on weekend and you want to relax from the hard work. Your possibilities are limited by your imagination and your imagination can bring to you unexpected extraordinary results.

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