how to make a wooden cart

DIY Wooden Cart with Wheels

Hand cart is a very dire need of every home to bring the things from the nearest local market to your home and to shift the things from one place to another place in your home; shortly hand cart has its own importance. Making a hand cart is a very simple and easy task that involves short items of materials and can be completed within few hours. You can customize cart as per your requirements; I mean you can attach the wheel with the hand cart that makes it easier to carry the things from one place to another. Today we’ll share some easy hand cart designs with you as we have made a wooden hand cart for our home. We were back from the market; we found pallet wood blocks lying in industrial scrap. We carried pallet wood blocks to home. We searched some easy designs of hand cart on the internet. Following the designs we made pieces of pallet wood as per measurement. Joining the pallet pieces with steel nails and hot glue, we attached the wheel with hand cart to carry the things easily.

DIY wooden hand cart with wheels

how to make a wooden cart

DIY cartwheels wagon

DIY hand pull cart with wheels

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