DIY Wrist Leather Bracelet

In this article, you are going to learn how to make DIY wrist leather bracelets. They are completely adjustable, they don’t need very many supplies, and they are fast and easy to make. What I love about these is that they can also be a great DIY gift for someone who isn’t a female.

Items Needed

For this, you’ll need a pair of scissors, super glue, leather cord, and either leather or suede lace.

How to Make DIY Wrist Leather Bracelet

Start by measuring around your wrist about the size that you would want to comfortably wear a bracelet.

Cut your cord and cut six pieces total to the exact same length.

Once you have cut all of your laces, lay out three of them put a dab of glue on top and then lay the other three directly on top of them so you can kind of get your laces and a nice little cluster that will make them easier to work with.

Once the glue has had a little bit of time to dry put another dab of glue on the outside then lay down one of the ends of your leather cord overlapping a little over half an inch and then begin to wrap it around your bracelet.

Don’t wrap it too tight because you are going to have to put your cord back through.

On the side that you have the dab of glue on you’re going to flip it over and feed the other end of the leather lace back through underneath the three loops that you made and tugging on the end that you started with.

Also, tug on the long end of your cord and that will tighten up the three loops that you just wrapped around and just pull until it’s good and tight.

Now since you already glued all of these together you don’t have to worry about putting too much pressure on any individual strip of leather so you know it’s not going to come flying out and you added your extra dab of glue to give more security to the little loops that you just tied.

If you have a clipboard, this is a good time to clip your work down if not you can just tape the end of your bracelet to your surface to make it easier to work with.

Braid all of the leather strips using two strips for each of the braid cords and while doing this make sure that the cords don’t flip over or twist.

Once you’re done braiding your bracelet you’re going to want to gather all of the laces together and get them as close to what you did on the other end by stacking three on top of three and then adding a couple dab of glue to help them stay in place.

Just like you did on the other side add a dab of glue to what is now going to be the underside of your bracelet.

The last thing you’re going to do is take your leather cords and using the very top of each cord tie a knot around the length of cord on the opposite end of the bracelet and that is your finished DIY wrist leather bracelet.

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