camping tips

5 Clever Ideas That Will Make Camping Super Easy & Fun

camping tips

If you want to enjoy the outdoors with your family or friends, then camping is a great idea that can provide a great way to spend quality time. But, keep this in mind that camping required a great planning and need more efforts and it all depends how big your family is or where you are going camping.

If you take care of a few things, you can make your camping experience great fun and easier. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on camping gear and other accessories.

Keep Solar Lights in Bag

solar lamps camping

While camping outdoor, someone may need to go out of the camp to use the bathroom which could be at some distance. Even if you know exactly where is the camp, but it could be difficult for you to reach dure to darkness.

Using solar lights will make your camping experience easier and fun. You can place the solar lights along with the camp or can hang it outside of your camp. During daytime, the lights will get charge and during the night, it will provide you light and show you the way.

With the help of these solar lights, you can avoid any dark night mishaps.

Camping Survival Kit


Obviously, you have your first-aid-box with you but that will be in your car or will stay at the campsite. You must have a mini camping survival kit that you can keep in your backpack and can take everywhere during the camping.

If you are going hiking, away from your tent, you should have your camping survival kit. This survival kit can have a small compass, a whistle, ibuprofen, flint and steel, bandaids, and more.

Fire Starters for Campfire

tent campfire fire starter

Campfire is an experience which no one wanted to miss during a trip. But sometimes, it could be very tricky to start the fire. It might be due to the wet wood or some other conditions. A fire starter can help in setting up the fire easily.

You can keep the homemade fire starters in your luggage or you can buy some professional fire starters from online stores. These fire starters will save a lot of time and you will easily set up the fire. Now sit around the fire with your family and enjoy your time.

Mosquitos Repellent for Camping

Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitos are the bitter reality for any outdoor camping, no matter in which area you are. Usually, it is very difficult to deal with mosquitos or other bug bites. Sometimes, these bug bites can create great problems for you or for the kids with you.

So, you must have a rechargeable mosquitos repellent that can save you and your family from mosquitos and other bug bites.

Taco in a Bag

taco in bag camping

While you are away from the camp for hiking or for any other reason and you feel starving, it is difficult to find something tasty and healthy to eat. Taco-in-a-bag is a great way to keep things simple and enjoy your hiking.

You can find easy recipes of taco-in-a-bag from YouTube. Try them out and keep that with you on the trip for camping.

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