DIY Wyze Cam Security Camera Installation

Wyze Labs, Inc. (formerly Wyzecam) is a U.S.  Based company having its office in Seattle, Washington which is famous to produce inexpensive smart home products and wireless cameras. Wyze believes in policy of low profit margins and focusing on customer satisfaction. Its marketing slogan is “Make quality smart home technology accessible to everyone.” Wyze Labs is a small start-up, formed by former Amazon employees, that aims to mass-produce high-quality gadgets at significantly lower prices.

They are introducing a new inexpansive Wyze Cam security camera to observe your home from your phone and can be installed it in just few minutes by yourself.

The Wyze Cam costs as low as $20 including free cloud storage for two weeks. To save your data, it comprises a built-in micro SD card slot. The camera keeps some great feature with smooth performance. That’s why The Wyze cam has won the Editors’ Choice award.

To do all the process, let’s go through the set up now step by step.

1-Connect the Wyze Cam to power adapter plug into an electricity outlet.

2- If you are an old user of Wyze app login to your account using your details. If you are a new user, download the Wyze app and make an account.

3-Install the Wyze app using instructions provided by the application.

4- Select the new device by Clicking on New Device on the home screen to run the setup process and select Wyze Cam from the list of products.

5-Press the setup button which is located on the bottom of the camera. You’ll hear it say, “Ready to connect.”

6-Now, you have to enter your Wi-Fi account name and password to connect.

7-Keep the QR code in front of the camera and wait for a voice message, “QR code scanned, please wait.” click to the next step after you here this message.

8-As the camera tries to connect, a timer counting down displays on screen. It should connect within the first 10-20 seconds, but due to some reason, if it is fails to do so you may have to revise the setup process.

9- To avoid any confusion, give it a different name if you have other connected devices in your home.

10-Now you can view your Wyze Cam’s live feed on your mobile. The live coverage of camera can be shared with a friend or a family member also. This process hardly takes 5 minutes to complete .


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