11 Top Trending Hanging Planters DIY Ideas

I love hanging plants on my porch, they just give a beautiful look and it is perfect way to get more close to nature. They are awesome, especially in summer and springs. You can hang them at all your inner and outer spaces to add style and color. DIY hanging planters can add a spirit of life where traditional plotted flowers may not be ideal and are usually highly economical if made by recycled cheap materials.

Here I am sharing some easy to create and cheap DIY hanging planter ideas with my respectful readers.

1-Old Bird Cage Planter

Take old bird cage from your   store or local crafts store, just fill it with your favorite flower pot and hang it with traditional rope, twine or strings. This is an amazing way to get your unique, old fashioned planter that is perfect for hanging both indoor and outdoor spaces.


2-Wooden Hanging Planter

These DIY wooden planters are super easy to made, economical and can be hung right on your walls at desired location where ever you want.

3-Pleated dish hanging planters

Umbra pleated dish is best to make a DIY hanging planter. You have to take a cotta pot or any dish and make the hanger from rope to increase beauty to your indoors or outdoors.

4-Easy hanging pallet planter

You just require a flower pot some rope or twine and some decorative beads to make a wonderful hanging planter. It is very easy and takes a few minutes to complete. It can be hung on the porch or indoor to have beautiful greenery. It is a great gift if someone loves hanging planters in your loved ones.

5-DIY hanging tiered planter

To create this unique, beautiful hanging planter, you need some wire planters and some plants. You can paint them any color and add bead and other decorative crafts to give them an attractive look. This one is perfect and very cheap if you have some planters to hang.

6-Embroidery hoop Hanging Planter

It is a different hanging planter and its super easy to make. You need some old dishes and embroidery hoop that’s you want to re-purpose. This is an amazing good looking planter.

7- DIY Tire Hanging Planter

There are some ways that you can up cycle you old tires. Take old tires that you have kept in yard, add some paint and hang them from tree after placing a plant inside. This is indeed very cheap and beautiful hanging planter.

8-Wooden Basket Hanging Planter

Take some wooden basket, hanging them at desired place. Add your favorite plant to get rustic look hanging planter that is best for farmhouse decorating.

9-Up-cycled Coconut Planter

Do you have coconut shells? Here is a better idea .Convert that empty shells into a planter. Two planters may be made with one shell. These are unique planters just add some flowers pots to them. Coconuts are amazing hanging planters if you are looking for some coastal look.

10-Plastic Pots Hanging Planter

Take ready made plastic flower pots from local market, hung it with traditional rope at suitable place. Now your cheap and beautiful hanger is ready just fill your favorite plants inside.

11-Up-Cycled Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter

Stop! Don’t throw away your empty plastic bottles. Turn them into a pretty DIY hanging planter. This is very easy and almost free, you have to cut bottles a bit from top, hang them after placing a pretty tiny flower inside.

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