DIY Beautiful Hijab

Do It Yourself Hijab Style

A hijab is very beautiful veil or headscarf that Muslim women wear and it covers part of the head and a chest. Hijab is Arabic word that means “cover” and there are many form for hijab and many different names. Muslim women have plenty reasons why they wear this head decoration.


DIY Pink Hijab

DIY Beautiful Hijab

DIY Hijab


One reason is that they believe that God has instructed women to wear it because it means they listen divine will of God to be modest. The other reason is personal, so women choose alone to wear hijab after puberty and present their devotion to God. Some women wear hijab because of the Religion, and for some that’s expression of their cultural identity.

DIY Tutorial

DIY Hijab with Pearls

DIY Green Hijab

DIY Tutorial Hijab

DIY Red Tutorial Hijab


Hijab evolved over the years and the Muslim women are beginning to fit hijab veil with modern style and invented new ways to put them and decorated them with pearls and different jewelry to look more attractive. DIY hijab styles offer you some tutorials and ides to create inspirational unique hijab veils.

DIY Muslim Woman

DIY Black Hijab

DIY Pink Hijab


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