Do-it-yourself Recycling Ideas

Recycling refers to the process by which many things can be re-used to make them creative and different from what they were before. Most of the plastic waste can be recycled to turn into interesting pots and holders to give them a second chance and not dump them into the garbage.

Most of our household materials are packaged in materials like plastic which can be recycled in such a way that refreshes the look of a certain area of the house.

Following are the ways in which recycling can be done to reduce the amount of waste that is produced:

     1. Make Use of Old Wooden Chairs for a Magazine Rack

Use of Old Wooden Chairs


The best way to recycle old wooden chairs is to polish them and convert the legs of the chair into a rack, with the seat of the chair placed as the base of the magazine rack. It not looks decorative but also helps to contain a large number of magazines. The rack also gives a nice look to the corner in which it is placed.

       2. Convert large size plastic Bottles into Kitty Planters

Large size plastic Bottles into Kitty Planters


The big size bottles of juices or liquid detergents can be converted into kitty planters. These planters are made in such a way that the shape of the bottle is not compromised and to decorate it paint can be used to give a face of a kitty. These planters are an excellent example of recycling plastic bottles to reduce waste. They also give a creative look to the porch or backyard, wherever they are placed.

      3. Make Use of Bottle Caps to decorate a basket

Use of Bottle Caps to decorate a basket


The caps of plastic or glass soda bottles can be recycled in such a way that they put charm into a simple grocery basket. The caps can be stuck to the front and the back of the basket to provide a funky look to it, and the purpose of recycling and not wasting is implemented to give a charming look to a simple thing. The basket can be either made of metal or plastic, the bottle caps are glued to it to give a colourful look.

      4. Convert Old Suitcases into Cool Shelves

Old Suitcases into Cool Shelves


The shelves that we commonly use to decorate or place valuables on them are often made of wood or metal, but in order to recycle old suitcases, they can be cut into a shape and size of a shelf and fixed on the wall to give a cool look. These shelves can hold frames, watches and much more items of daily use and at the same time look stylish.

         5. Convert Old Globes into Vase

Old Globes into Vase


It is not an unknown thing that old globes which are not placed in the study or are no longer needed can be recycled in such a way that they are given the shape of a vase to put potpourri onside or some flowers. The globes can be cut in half to maintain their shape and placed on any table or windowsill to give a fresh feel to the room or lounge.


In the end, it can be said that do-it-yourself recycling is not only a creative way of turning waste products into something useful that looks trendy and proves to be useful for the environment. The old and not frequently used items should not be thrown away to increase waste but with some changes they can be turned into something useful and stylish that lasts for a long time.

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