Droplet Teardrop trailer for Indoor and out

Teardrop trailers are super fit for those who want to spend a lot of time outdoors but a little nighttime comfort. It’s simple Spartan interior keeps you motivated and spend your whole day outside however it’ll surely force you to enjoy cooking under the sky. Not only this, you’ll enjoy the softness of a mattress and security of four walls- no leaking or flapping tent fabric or poking rocks and twigs to deal with. By offering a teardrop with large, wide doors and picture windows to keep you connected while you’re in bed. In this way Canadian start-up Droplet further enhances this mix of indoor-outdoor living.

Droplet says that its Teardrop was inspired by Scandinavian design. Looking at the trailer, we can see enough functional simplicity to make IKEA proud. Although Droplet doesn’t reinvent the wheel yet its trailer has its own personality promising a trip into the great outdoors.

Its body is boxier than a true teardrop shape but not than all designed from different trailer manufacturers like-Moby1 and Bundutec popping in mind. It provides enough comfort while sitting up and reading, sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying the view outside as having straight walls for interior headroom. For unchecked view of the stars at night and plenty of golden natural light throughout the day, try and enjoy this outdoor trailer. Click the doors open for brighter and airier feel.

There is a 6-inch thick (15-cm-thick) 80 x 60-in (2 x 1.5-m) queen-size mattress, cabinets and shelves are installed on the wall opposite of picture window. Further felt pockets are there on the door interiors for easy-access night storage plus two touch-activated LED reading lights.

Cooking area is below the lift-gate outside that includes a slide-out 12V fridge, dual-burner stove and sink. If we talk about its construction than Droplet has an aluminum composite skin, structural wood fiber frame, closed cell aluminum laminated foam insulation and finishing wood laminate interior. The trailer full length is 12.5 x 6.6 x 5.5 feet (3.8 x 2 x 1.7 m, L x W x H) while it weighs in at 950 lb (431 kg).

Originally the Droplet was designed by the founder Pascal Pillon and his partner Diane Bissonnette for their personal use but then rented out their original model in their home of Vancouve, BC. But now they treat this as business.

After getting feedback from renters, now production will be started while deliveries are expected in spring at an estimated price CA$17950 (approx. US$14000).

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