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Website Migration (DIY) From Weebly To WordPress

For many reasons, Weebly is the first choice for many newbie bloggers and small business owners. There are various factors of selecting Weebly as their first website or blog platform. Three main reasons for selecting the Weebly are:

  • No need to buy domain, use a subdomain
  • No need to buy hosting server, Weebly provides hosting space for free
  • Simple drag and drop website builder which don’t require and development skills

Though there are some more factors as well, but these are the three main reasons which attract the newbies to get their first appearance on the internet without investing a single penny. After getting popularity and the success of the Weebly blog, the requirements of the business also increases and there are many features which are not available in Weebly. Especially for the big websites having a lost of pages and posts, there are not easy tools to manage all the pages and posts.

Lack of availability of themes, like in WordPress, fewer customization options, unavailability of new plugins, and for many more reasons, Weebly doesn’t suite for a professional¬†website. On the free package of Weebly, a user can have only 500MB storage space which is no way enough for a professional blog or a website.

Though you can have more space by subscribing to the starter package but it is very costly if you compare with the other hosting providers like Hostgator, Fatcow and many others. These are the factors which convince bloggers and website owners to migrate their Weebly blog from Weebly to WordPress.

Migrate Your Blog From Weebly To WordPress (DIY)

There are many bloggers who are interested in migrating their blog from Weebly to WordPress just because of the few factors mentioned above. It is very easy to transfer a Weebly blog to WordPress manually by copying and pasting the content from old Weebly blog to the new WordPress blog. Before you can start the process, you need to know how to make a website using WordPress by purchasing a hosting account, registering a custom domain and installing the WordPress setup on your new domain.

Transfering Weebly to WordPress manually is easy for small websites which have only 15 to 20 posts and 5 to 10 pages. But if you have a larger Weebly blog, then you might need to transfer the website automatically. More than 80% work will be done automatically but after that, you need to fix few things to make your WordPress website working properly.

To initiate an automatic transfer from Weebly to WordPress, you need to save your website data in a .zip format. To do this you need to go to edit option and then navigate to settings. Here you will find the option of saving the .zip archive. For this, you need to provide your email address and get the .zip archive file into your inbox.

After getting the archive file, you need to install the WordPress HTML Import Plugin on your WordPress website. Using this plugin, you can import your .zip archive to your new custom WordPress website. Import External Images plugin will help you to download all the images from Weebly blog and then automatically upload those images to new WordPress hosting. This plugin will then read the code and link the images to appear in the relevant posts.

In this way, you can easily migrate your website from Weebly to WordPress. If you have basic knowledge of HTML and hosting settings, you can do it yourself and no need to get help from a company to outsource this work. But if you are not familiar with basic HTML and basic WordPress, then you can outsource your work to a professional freelancer or an agency.

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