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Easy DIY Desk Decor and Organization Ideas

Most people work behind the desk. A 2012 study showed that people spend nearly 6 hours per day sitting at their desk. To get the most out of those days, you ought to have a tidy desk. A neat, fun, and professional desk can offer an easy time to resume work, find things when you need them, and increase productivity.

Yet, improving your desk décor doesn’t need to cost much. Leveraging a couple of DIY home ideas can help tidy up your office desk without denting your wallet. For starters, a wood desk organizer and powerful cable management work, smart color themes, custom art, and indoor plants can help bring out a fun yet professional look.

How can I decorate my office desk?

There are many DIY tweaks that you can use to decorate your office desk according to experts whether it’s at home or your 9 to 5. The first step to a tidy office desk is clearing out junk, followed by keeping the essentials in order.

A straightforward way to do so is by using a wood desk organizer. A wood desk organizer offers enough room to let you organize most of the essentials, especially if the drawer space is not enough. Another trick is by upping your cable management game; managing cable isn’t that hard. If your desk doesn’t provide a way to arrange cables, purchasing a $7 cable clip organizer might be all you need.

What should be included in a desk organizer?

There are a couple of things you can throw in the desk organizer without distorting the look of your décor. Depending on your type of work, the list may vary. The basics include office supplies and documents.

How do I make my office space look fun professionally?

Office spaces must always look professional, but don’t let professionalism prevent you from having fun. Creating a fun yet professional office space can be different for everyone. But there are a few basic DIY home ideas to use. For instance, you can add an indoor plant, custom art, and creative calendars. You can also play with color themes on office essentials.

How can I make my office more welcoming?

We’ve taken care of cables and unnecessary junk and then tweaked items to have them well organized. It is now time to make the office more welcoming. Indoor plants and adding refreshing scents are an excellent place to start. There are plenty of scents to choose from, including lavender, lemon, and jasmine. The best part is, aromatic diffusers don’t cost a fortune too.


Sprucing up your office desk doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Implementing these simple DIY home ideas does the job. Start by clearing junk, then arranging the remaining essentials using a desk organizer. Having fun color themes, indoor plants, artworks, and sculptures across your office can bring a fun yet professional and welcoming look.

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